Our Story

LORENA is an Istanbul-based bags and accessories brand established in 2014. It’s a personal story, an experience and an idea that is prompted by the inability to find certain items out in the market. We see these women almost everyday… They run to their offices early in the mornings with coffee in hand. They like to be organised. They are aware of trends but do not dress for them. They know how to make a statement without looking overdone. They are in search for the ideal bag to hold all their essentials… A bag to live with… Inspired by the modern and style-conscious cosmopolitan women of today, LORENA uses top quality leather and other genuine materials to create everyday bags and accessories that are basic, functional, affordable and yet fashionable.


LORENA’s unique vision brings a modern and functional approach to familiar silhouettes, which sets it apart from other brands. The brand ensures top quality material and craftsmanship are not compromised, yet the price of each product is still very accessible. It fills the void between luxury labels and high-street brands.



Not for a specific season, but for all seasons…Made to last and last…

LORENA’s design strategy is based on originality and good quality (material and production). The bags have clean lines. They come purposely pocketed (interior and exterior), and with other thoughtful details like adjustable or removable straps. They come in basic colours as well as bold or pastel shades depending on the season.

This is only the beginning…

LORENA will continue to grow with new products, product categories and creative ideas.