Spring is knocking on the door for some freshness to your life and soul

Some people associate this season with cleaning, but we believe this time of the year will bring you oh so freshness. It symbolizes the rebirth and new growth of plants. What about you? Do you have any ideas to refresh your life? Let’s glance at our tips for you!

1. Make a travel plan

make a travel plan

You can warm up the idea of getting away for a while. Take a map and start with choosing the location. Our suggestion for traveling  is using your rewards from airlines or credit card points. Timing also  plays a huge role in your plan,(huh of course it does). And maybe, somebody wants to accompany you? You can have an extraordinary experience. The destination can be either for fun or relaxation and chilling. That’s not to say you need a company for sure. But wouldn’t it be more adventurous? Meeting new cultures, different lifestyles, people from other regions, even gaining a new perspective in life. 

2. Finish the tasks you’ve been postponing

"Do not happen to get stuck at red light". This is how you will feel  when you procrastinate. Instead of postponing, we highly recommend you to divide your task into several fragments. Here comes the courage to finish it that won’t last for ages. The end is the perfect time. As better said, saying done is the lightness feeling inside of you. Oh yes! You may want to announce it to the whole world. Now, it’s turn for another task.
3. Feed yourself to better health
feed yourself to better health

You may come across the saying, We are what we eat.

We call food as the best medicine. The sort of food and drink choice affects our health as they provide all the necessities for our overall health. Recently, the  food trend  has been consuming whole foods - fresh and unrefined. This is kind of a lifestyle that keeps eating in balance. Eating organic food trend has also been catching our eyes. Even if you don’t  have a farm, no worries. You can still behave yourself good. And what about sugar? Oh, you are a sugar addict? The more you eat it, the less oxytocin, the feel good hormone, is produced. However, feeding yourself does not mean that sweet is forbidden. Try to reduce, not to abuse.

4. Fresh touches to your home
Fresh touches to your home
Giving your home a touch of freshness will bring spring to your home. Adding pops of colors, plants and flowers is a way to reflect your interior mood. As you miss summer, creating a beach house style can put you in a good mood. Or anything else you want to decorate with.. Your feelings and mood are decisive. Getting rid of paintings on the wall, carpets, huge armchairs, etc. can turn your home  to a tabula rasa. On the blank paper, design your home as you wish. A tip can be touching to your living room with a papyrus plant to relax you. 
5. Make time to read
Still having the books from 11. century?  Just keeping them in your lovely library does not help you bring information into your mind. First, you should read them, then replace them with the new ones.Make time to read them and also donate to encourage others to read. There are millions of people starving not from hunger, but from reading. We also have another idea. Why don’t you bring them to a potter’s house and read. Sharing is for everything; for knowledge, ideas, food, etc. Do it and prep yourself for upcoming days.

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