Songs to Travel With

Stucking in the rush hours on the way home, checking to–do-lists, preparing new projects, trying to keep yourself energetic; this list goes on and on… Here comes the feeling to escape for a while and leave our families, friends, work, the city...

Then we hear our soul’s whispering that we really need to take a deep breath = travel!

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Many people associate travel with freedom, excitement, new discoveries, adventures. It is good for physical and mental well-being. It provides you a magical door to break your routines, step out of your comfort zone, meet new people & cultures, gain new experiences, overcome different challenges, expand your perspective, appreciate your life, detox from bad memories… And all of these make you a happier person!

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If you have the exact same thoughts, come up with a new travelling idea -plan the perfect road trip- and the execution part starts!

Everything is ready: your suitcase/backpack, passports, money, even your lovely travel buddy! But what about the music? Have you prepared your line up songs or your friends done instead of you? Music helps you evoke your memories while travelling and start questioning your inner-being. From the very beginning of your journey, it brings about different emotions in everyone.

Soo.. as you can’t drive/travel in complete silence, no worries! We’ve compiled a list for your journey. Check out our playlist on Spotify :)

Close your eyes, feel the rhythm inside…

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